Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Online Processing Engine

Our proprietary payment gateway provides seamless processing with maximum uptime capabilities. Check it out


Streamline your billing process online and eliminate wasteful paper invoices. Send your custom invoice without the cost of postage and no longer wait for the mail to get paid. Check it out

Risk Engine

Helps to detect, analyze and manage transaction, behavior and habits of the merchants and the cardholders based on a number of pre-defined monitoring rules in the system. Check it out

Chargeback Management Engine

Reduce the time and effort it takes to respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests with our  Chargeback Management Engine. Check it out

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Captures the data bundled with transaction requests and portrays them into meaningful analytics.Check it out

Recurring Engine

Charge your customers with one-off invoicesor automatically on a recurring basis. Check it out

Our in-house state of Art Technology guarantees optimum processing and smart routing. Our Analytics tool as well as the automated onboarding system and upcoming of e-invoicing make us stand apart

Why pay higher fees that should be part of a standard service? Integrating Open Acquiring into your website and/or payment application will give your business the competitive edge that it needs to process payments in a robust and fully secure platform that is trusted by 10,000+ merchants. Our in-house payments experts have consulted thousands of merchants from small businesses through to the biggest organisations around. We are ready to advise you on the right payment solutions for your company.

Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a periodic basis, set up a marketplace, or only accept payments, organize it all with a fully integrated, global platform that can support online payments


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